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Pantone 297 – Why is the Wolf Blue?

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You may be wondering why Albert the Wolf is not the colour we expect wolves to be. Wolves tend to have grizzled grey coats, with some black or brown here and there. Why is Albert’s coat pale blue?

On the other hand maybe you haven’t been wondering about that at all, since all the strips published up to now have been black and white. However in Italy, where Albert is known for his eccentric colour, this is one of the questions the author, Silver, gets asked the most. 

In any case, here is your answer: it hasnt been really an artistic or aesthetic choice at all. Albert the Wolf came to life purely in black and white and nobody cared what colour he was, least of all Silver. But the years passed and it just so happened that he was faced with the task of assigning Albert a colour.

He immediately thought of Siberian wolves, with their grey furs and blue undertones. But the publishers never seemed to get the balance of blue and black quite right, and Albert was left with an uncertain, constantly changing colour. A decision had to be made, and Silver decreed that the Wolf should be an unambiguous shade of blue, 60% cyan to be precise, aka Pantone 297.

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Pantone 297 – Perché il Lupo è azzurro?

Vi siete mai chiesti perché Lupo Alberto è azzurro?

La risposta è che non è una scelta artistica. Lupo Alberto era nato in bianco e nero, e per diversi anni non si presentò il problema del suo colore. Quando in seguito si trattò di “tinteggiarlo”, Silver immaginò che dovesse avere il colore, grossomodo, di un lupo siberiano, grigio con riflessi azzurri.

Ma le percentuali di nero e blu erano sempre altalenanti a seconda del tipografo, creando un curioso effetto cangiante. La decisione fu drastica: blu e basta, anzi, 60% di cyan (o Pantone 297).

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