Friday, 26 May 2017

The Ink Stain

Strip 9

Strip 10

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Bonvi was a star and he behaved accordingly. Photo shoots, interviews, international awards, a passion for sports cars and beautiful women. Editors fought over the right to publish his popular comic, Sturmtruppen.

Always the forward-looking guy, he had an array of secondary characters that he developed alongside his main comic. Although these characters were less popular with comic connoisseurs, they allowed him to have a little fun. That’s what he put me in charge of when I started working for him.

One of those secondary characters was called Cattivik.

 Cattivik is one of Bonvi’s most brilliant creations – a parody of the negative heroes that were so popular back then. Originally created for a student publication where Bonvi let his exuberant nature run wild, mocking local customs and moral codes, he was able to subsequently resell it to the wider, national market, where it became a great success.

When people asked him, “What is Cattivik?” (a deformed human being? An animal? An alien?), Bonvi always replied, “Cattivik is an ink stain. The shape of the stain doesn’t matter, as long as it leaves a trail of dirt.”

Cattivik was born in 1964. Ask any Italian kid today who Cattivik is. They will know.


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