Monday, 8 May 2017

The Big Blue Wolf

Albert the Wolf (Lupo Alberto in the original Italian version) was born in the early ’70s out of the comic genius of its author, Silver. Since then, the blue Wolf has achieved enormous success in its home country to the point where he is considered through-and-through an Italian celebrity.

But the Wolf and his farm have even higher ambitions: they want to cross borders; to transcend the frontiers of their boot-shaped country of origin and make their mark in the world.

This blog will do just that: introduce Albert and the McKenzie Farm in a way that is comprehensible world-wide (...English) in the hopes that they will brighten the days of comic lovers around the globe, just as they have done with generation after generation of Italians.

At this point you may be wondering, who is Albert the Wolf, exactly? Why is he blue? And what is the McKenzie Farm? Who is this Silver guy?

Keep following our blog and we will answer all of your questions and more, with weekly updates every Tuesday and Friday. Each blog post will feature a new, original comic strip in English and a comment, interview, or excerpt from the author himself or a special guest.

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